Dan Coatsworth explains in simple terms why troubles at Evergrande – one of China’s biggest property developers – matter to investors in the UK and around the world.

Laura Suter looks at the reasons behind the big spike in energy prices and what to do if your energy provider goes bust.

Richard Penny from Crux Asset Management gives his views of what might happen with stock markets in 2022.

Netflix has bought the rights to Roald Dahl books and Dan explains why this is a very important move by the streaming TV provider. Dan also reveals why shares in British Airways’ owner have shot up by 25% in just five days.

Laura looks at the launch of Chase’s first retail bank account in the UK and why it is different to other accounts on the market.

And Jenny Owen is on the show to talk prime real estate – she’s spotted an island for sale for £50,000.

It’s a record-breaking week on the podcast, as Laura Suter and Danni Hewson talk about this week’s largest ever jump in inflation and look at how markets reacted to the news that prices are rising. We also look at all the companies suffering supply chain issues, why the travel sector has been hit again and what this week’s record-breaking jobs news means for us all.

On this week is Tom Selby in Pensions Corner, talking about the perils of cashing in your pensions in one go, while Dan Coatsworth has an interview with small cap specialist Richard Penny about the stocks piquing his interest. We also look at how the pandemic has exacerbated the wealth gap in the UK, and finally,

Jenny Owen is back with a record breaking price for a beach hut in Money Madness.

On this week’s edition of the Money and Markets podcast Tom Selby looks at the small print of government plans to hike national insurance to pay for care costs.  He takes a look at how much we’ll all be paying, if the cash raised will be enough to do the job and whether a cap on costs will mean people won’t need to sell their homes to pay for what they need in later life.  He also looks into a rise in dividend tax and why making sure you’re using appropriate tax wrappers is crucial.

Dan Coatsworth looks into US market wobbles after disappointing jobs figures and assess why bad news was actually seen as good news by some investors.  He also takes a look at the latest updates from two household names both of which have put supply issues front and centre. Dunelm and Halfords seem to be experiencing diverging fortunes when it comes to dealing with stock and adults hoping Santa might leave a bike under the tree this Christmas might be disappointed.

As the new school term gets underway many workers are making their first trip back to the office for months, but with more and more companies saying they’re planning to adopt a hybrid practice Danni Hewson chats with leadership supremo Jo Owen about his new book “Smart Work: The Ultimate Handbook for Remote and Hybrid Teams” and asks what he thinks are the positives and pitfalls companies should be considering and where investors might find opportunities as businesses adapt. 

Plus, there's a lot of work being done outside of the classroom to help more children understand money and financial literacy. To that end the Bank of England has teamed up with children's comic favourite Beano and Laura Suter chats to Andrew Hebden, head of outreach and education for the bank, about how the project came about.

AJ Bell Investment Director Russ Mould explains why US stocks are riding high after an important meeting of central bankers, and what could move markets going forward.

Dan Coatsworth examines UK stocks that have done well this summer and discusses the latest news on WH Smith and Blue Prism.

Laura Suter chats about the dangers of freely tapping your debit card in pubs and shops, and she debates why Britain faces a £371 billion savings shortfall.

There is also a section on thematic funds including the launch of a new product that provides exposure to companies helping to make people’s lives healthier.

On this week’s episode Laith Khalaf looks at rumours of a £7bn bid for another supermarket and what’s behind the sell-off in mining stocks, as well as giving an update on the latest supply chain issues hitting companies.

We will also be talking about how PayPal has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and Laura Suter will be looking at whether the stamp duty holiday really was the reason behind soaring house prices so far this year. We’ve got Georgia Stewart at Tumelo talking about how investors can assess what’s in their fund portfolios from an ESG point of view and how to hold fund managers to account.

Plus, Tom Selby is on to talk about the bumper 9% payrise pensioners could be getting next year – and how young people feel about that prospect, while Jenny Owen reveals how one item lying around in your car glove box could land you a £1,600 windfall.

This week’s podcast looks into bids for two defence giants which are attracting government attention.  Private equity owned Cobham targets Ultra Electronics and US based Transdigm’s been told to put up or shut up when it comes to its interest in Meggit. Tom Sieber’s in the hotseat to talk about the FTSE 250 as many of the firms being targeted for takeover are mid-caps which may make financing deals easier for firms doing the buying. 

With retail the main focus for US markets this week as a whole host of big retailers report their latest earnings, Danni Hewson has been picking through some of the winners and losers.  She’s also been chatting to Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO of Savvy Marketing about the state of retail in the UK and how shipping snarl ups and rising costs could impact the sector in the run up to Christmas.

Plus, fraudsters focus on “smishing” – text message scams aimed at getting you to share your financial details.  We chat about what to look out for and how to avoid getting stung.  Plus Jenny Owen’s got wedding fever and explains how old cake is pulling in big money.

This week’s podcast takes a look at some of the skirmishes underway to snap up UK companies including Big Tobacco’s bid to get in on the wellness trade. 

Laura Suter checks out the latest US inflation figures and gives cash savers tips on how to beat the inflationary heat.

Dan Coatsworth chats to AJ Bell Chief Executive Andy Bell about investing for the first time and his tips for young risk takers.  We’ve also got copies of his new book to giveaway.

Plus, Danni Hewson and Jenny Owen on the surge in used car sales and the Mona Lisa of stamps.

This week’s podcast features Simon Edelsten from Mid Wynd Investment Trust on the sell-off in Chinese shares and why he decided to dump most of his Chinese holdings earlier this year.

Dan Coatsworth explores how the FTSE 250 index of UK companies is trading at a new record high, and he dives into the latest results from Greggs and Domino’s Pizza.

Stuart Widdowson from Odyssean Investment Trust talks about a fascinating company in the defence sector which is doing something very smart that a lot of people haven’t cottoned on to.

Laura Suter is back on the podcast and she talks about junior bankers being forced to work long hours in the pursuit of big paydays. She also reveals the serious amount of cash stuffed down the back of people’s sofas

Finally, Jenny Owen talks about film-related memorabilia that’s worth a lot of money. So, if you’ve got some Ghostbusters or Star Trek stuff in the attic, don’t miss this podcast.

This week podcast looks at why some astonishing earnings figures from three American tech giants hasn’t delighted all investors and Dan Coatsworth digs into huge market falls in shares of Chinese companies listed on US markets and asks if Beijing has more muscles to flex and how that could impact investors.

Danni Hewson chats to Ged Futter from the retail consultancy GSCOP about rising prices and how companies like Reckit Benckiser will be looking to pass those onto consumers, plus he gives us his take on the deal on the table for Morrisons which hasn’t gone down well with the supermarket’s biggest shareholder.

We hear from Tom Wildgoose from Nomura about investing in Google and $13 billion dialysis group DaVita and Tom Selby is back with another pensions corner. This week’s listener question is focused on the best way to build up a savings pot for your children.

This week’s podcast explains the reasons why stock markets have taken another hit.

Dan Coatsworth debates the perils of stagflation, the companies with supply chain disruption and margin pressures, and why strong Q2 numbers may not be enough to push up share prices.

We may be enjoying the summer sun, but Danni Hewson explains why you might need to plan ahead with your Christmas Day meal.

Nitesh Shah from WisdomTree joins the show to chat about why the gold price isn’t behaving as one might expect, and Dan talks to Mark Manduca from XPO Logistics about the challenges facing companies as they seek to move goods from A to B.

Lisa Webster from AJ Bell explains new plans to overhaul the power of attorney system, while Danni looks at the latest issues facing women’s state pension campaigners.

Finally, Jenny Owen looks at the Olympics memorabilia that sells for thousands of pounds.

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