This week’s podcast has plenty of useful tips for managing your money, as well as important insight into what’s happening on stock markets and with cryptocurrencies.

Dan Coatsworth explains why Primark’s click and collect trial is important news for anyone owning shares in Associated British Foods.

He also explores the latest wave of takeovers on the UK stock market and why they aren’t necessarily reasons to be cheerful. Dan also reveals why one fund manager thinks now’s the time to sell shares in oil producer Shell.

Also, Laura Suter explains the latest developments in the buy now, pay later space, and discusses some of the most useful budgeting tools to help get your finances in shape.

Finally, Tom Selby is on the show to discuss the key points someone in their mid-60s should consider before dipping into their pension

June 17, 2022

Ahead of the Fed

On this week’s money and markets podcast Danni Hewson and Tom Sieber from Shares magazine discuss market jitters ahead of the Fed’s latest rate rise. Plus big questions for the bank of England to process as job vacancies continue to soar and inflation takes a chunk out of wage growth.

Tom Selby AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy looks at the impact the global meltdown’s having on pensions and how soaring inflation combined with market falls risk having dramatic impact on the retirement prospects of savers in drawdown.

Dan Coatsworth has been talking to Ayush Abhijeet who helps to manage the Ashoka India investment trust about what patient investors can get out of India and sticking with global markets Danni and Tom discuss why Netflix has pinned its hopes on a Squid Games reality show and how a Korean boyband made Asian markets tremble. All that and a mad money story with Jenny Owen about a late library fee that’s topped six thousand pounds.

On this week’s Money and Markets, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson canter through the market movements over the last week – which, despite being shorter thanks to the Jubilee bank holiday, was no less eventual. They look at market reaction to all the political intrigue at Westminster, and assess how the travel sector is faring after disappointment and disarray at UK airports over the half-term break.

There’s been another flurry of merger and acquisition activity – from the bid for bin business Biffa, to disappointment for Ted Baker after its preferred bidder walked away. Dan digs into Apple’s moves to enter the buy now pay later space, and Danni has yet another Twitter update, with Elon Musk indicating he’s serious about walking away from the deal.

Also, Laura Suter’s finds out when you should get a will and how to go about it, chatting with partner at Taylor Bracewell solicitors, Lauren Smith, about why so many people put it off. And as the price of filling up the tank of a family car surges past £100 for the first time, we talk petrol prices and why so many landlords are leaving the private rental market.

This week Laith Khalaf brings us some big markets news including the markets rebounding (much to the relief of investors), warnings about the pound’s decline, and an update on how energy firms handled that windfall tax announcement last week.

Laura Suter is back, and delves into data on whether low-cost food has faced bigger price hikes during the cost of living crisis. She also chats to a financial adviser, Peter Chadborn of Plan Money, to help you understand when you might want to use one and the sort of questions you should be asking.

And in this week’s investment interview, Tom Sieber chats to Duncan Ball, co-chief executive of BBGI Global Infrastructure. Infrastructure is highly prized for its inflation-protected income at the moment, and they chat about how that affects the fund’s portfolio.

This week, Laura Suter brings us the latest energy price cap news, with an explanation of what’s going to happen in the coming months. She also has a guide to how to squeeze the most out of your credit cards, and some good news for Premium Bond holders.

Danni Hewson is here with all the markets news, including Snap’s profit warning, the impact of lifting tariffs in China as it emerges from lockdown, and the latest on those suggestions of a windfall tax. We’re dabbling in football this week, too, with news on the Chelsea takeover, and Danni will be looking at the latest retail figures.

We also have pensions guru Tom Selby back with Pensions Corner, looking at the rules around auto-enrolment and how much you should actually be paying in. And Tom Sieber has an interview with property investment company Industrials REIT, following Amazon’s comments that it’s no longer chasing physical space.

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast, Danni Hewson is joined by Tom Sieber from Shares Magazine to look at what’s behind April’s huge price increases and how markets have been reacting. With high costs taking centre stage in earnings reports, Tom picks through updates – including from Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods, and US retail giant Walmart.   

Markets are going through a very difficult patch, and Dan Coatsworth picks the brains of someone who’s been through bad times as well as the good – James de Uphaugh from Liontrust Asset Management. He gives his insights into what investors should be thinking about right now.

Though inflation is dominating sentiment, there’s plenty of other news moving markets this week. Danni and Tom look at the reaction to China’s announcement that Shanghai might soon end its lockdown, as well as a meeting between China’s Vice Premier and tech execs which seems to herald the end of the tech crackdown.

With an eye on future returns, we also ask David Jane from Premier Miton about the trends he thinks will be important longer term. Plus, we’ve got the latest Twitter twist, plans to change how often the price cap is fixed, a massive upheaval in the crypto-verse, and Jenny Owen shares a mad money story about a charity donation of £100 that turned into £140,000.

Dan Coatsworth explains why stocks and shares continue to have a bad time and what might happen next. He also chats about takeover activity in the tobacco and property space, and why e-commerce companies have something to worry about.

The UK continues to be fascinated by property prices, and we may now be at a turning point after several years of soaring activity. Laura Suter talks to Guy Harrington from property loan group GlenHawk about what he’s seeing in the market.

And if you’ve ever wondered how analysts come up with buy, hold or sell ratings and how they create share price targets, don’t miss this episode, as Dan explains how it all works. Laura also has some important information on scams which featured in the Queens Speech. 

On this week’s podcast, the big theme is rate hikes – in the UK, the US, and Australia. Danni Hewson also runs through all the markets news, including the impact Amazon’s results had on the US markets, and those calls for a windfall tax on the oil companies.

Sticking with the energy company theme, Laura Suter delves into rumours of suppliers hiking direct debits by more than is fair – and tells you what to do if you’ve been a victim. And she’s starting her mini-series on how to get the most from your bank, kicking off with the best bank accounts for perks.

If that wasn’t enough, Tom Sieber interviews Jupiter Green trust – an environmental solutions-focused fund – about greenwashing and the impact of the Ukraine conflict on global net zero ambitions.

On this week’s Money & Markets, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson pull apart Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover plans. We look into his plans to pay for the platform, what he wants to do with it, and shareholder concern that Musk may be forced to sell some of his stake to finance his new venture. And looking over the first updates from ‘MAMAA’ stocks, we find it’s a mixed bag, with a sting in the outlook.

With markets volatile over concern about more China lockdowns, Dan discusses investing in Asia. He casts his eye over Vietnam Holding – the fourth-best performing investment trust of all geographies, sectors and styles in 2021. And he gets the lowdown from Craig Martin, chairman of Dynam Capital, which makes all the portfolio decisions from the Trust.

Also this week: Tom Selby hosts pensions corner – about the state pension, and when and how you qualify for pension credit. Plus, with another survey showing people are cutting back on their personal spend, should we actually be bullish about the retail sector long term?

Laura Suter talks to Emma Keywood about why AJ Bell has launched a new investment app called Dodl and how it might help people getting started with stocks and funds.

Dan Coatsworth debates the problems facing Netflix and what it needs to do next. He also chats to Steven Tredget from Oakley Capital about the world of private equity and why more people are interested in this part of the investment universe.

Laura gives some money-saving tips for travel fans, while AJ Bell’s Russ Mould joins the show to talk about the pros and cons of share buybacks.

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