October 1, 2020

Behind the scenes of private equity, Asda takeover talk, different job support measures and new insight into pension withdrawal trends

This week’s podcast features an in-depth chat with Arthur Mornington and Steven Tredget from Oakley Capital about takeovers, whether private equity had started to be more transparent, the assumption that PE firms load companies up with debt and under-invest in them, and whether they thought Oakley investment Time Out had been a flop.

Dan talks about the latest on the markets including reaction to Brexit trade talks, the US Presidential election debate, Asda takeover chatter and Boohoo beating expectations.

You can also hear Tom discuss Rishi Sunak’s new strategy for helping workers as well as chatting about new data on how much we are taking out of our retirement savings.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby

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