July 1, 2021

Green list but no green light for travel, pension nudges and your pot, plus are bonds in or out of fashion.

This week’s podcast assesses why the green list isn’t a green light for travel and looks at the impact of Joe Biden’s big infrastructure deal on markets.  Tom Selby checks out why government nudges to get more people getting guidance on their pensions could impact people accessing or transferring their pots.

With equities still flying high bonds have been feeling unloved but are they really out of favour with investors?  Dan Coatsworth has been talking to Rhys Davies from Invesco about whether they’re still a good bet for a long-term investment portfolio.

As the FCA bans crypto firm Binance from carrying out regulated activities in the UK we catch up with Ruffer investment director Duncan MacInnes to get his take on investing in Bitcoin.

And is taking out life insurance really a “pact with death”? We chat through some comments made on social media that’s got some people rather hot under the collar and ask what should people consider before buying a policy.

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