March 21, 2019

ISA special: nervous investors, understanding Innovative Finance ISAs, growing rates on children’s accounts and a special quiz

This week’s podcast is dedicated to using an ISA. We discuss why many people are holding off from investing at present. Learn about the pros and cons of using the Innovative Finance ISA and why high rates comes with a big warning sign. We also chat about Lifetime ISAs and how much risk you may want to take with children’s savings. Finally, don’t miss this week’s quiz on all things ISA-related.

AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.

We discuss Lifetime ISAs, so please remember that you may miss out on employer contributions if you opt out of a workplace pension to save into Lifetime ISA. It may also affect your future entitlement to mean-tested benefits.

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